Cantaloupe Co-founder joins 6L ZippyAssist.

6L Inc, builders of ZippyAssist, today announces that Cantaloupe Systems Inc. Co-founder and President Anant Agrawal has joined the company’s Advisory Board to help accelerate the company’s growth.

Cantaloupe Co-founder joins 6L ZippyAssist.
From left to right: 6L ZippyAssist co-founders Greg Elisara and Neil Swindale, with new Advisory Board Member, Anant Agrawal.


PLEASANTON, CA. Oct. 26, 2022-- 6L Inc. 6L Inc, builders of ZippyAssist – a mobile-first customer support and engagement SaaS platform helping to build consumer confidence and trust in self-service and unattended retail – today announces that Cantaloupe Systems Inc. Co-founder and President Anant Agrawal has joined the company’s Advisory Board to help accelerate the company’s growth.

Since taking time out last year after retiring from Cantaloupe, Agrawal is excited to be back in an industry close to his heart: “the customer service business problems that 6L ZippyAssist are addressing are ones that have been hard to solve in the past. While convenience is already integral to unattended retail, what’s still lacking is a way to earn the genuine trust of the consumer so operators can actually create brand loyalty for their companies. Adoption and utilization in unattended retail is as much about consumer confidence and trust as it is about convenience. That is why the work that 6L ZippyAssist are doing to improve the customer experience is important, and why I’m excited to be a part of it.”

Of 6L ZippyAssist’s momentum, Agrawal says: “the progress the company has made since launching is testament to the team’s ability to ship products that the market needs to get the job done, and I’m excited to be helping them drive toward their vision of building the leading Customer Trust platform in unattended retail.”

Of Agrawal’s impact on the company, Co-founder and President Neil Swindale says: “Anant has deep industry knowledge and relationships, and has spent countless hours considering challenges and potential solutions to help the operator community to be their very best. He is able to bring a full 360 degree view on how we can develop cutting edge technologies, coupled with how operators can scale the technology successfully. What Anant brings to the conversation is a level of rigor and intellectual honesty, centered all around operator success. That will be invaluable to our journey.”

For 6L ZippyAssist’s Co-founder and Acting CEO Greg Elisara, Agrawal’s appointment is yet more validation of the company: “right from the very beginning we set ourselves the goal of earning the endorsement of the best in the industry. We’ve been fortunate to now have some of the most progressive companies in the industry as customers, and as a technologist and industry entrepreneur, you couldn’t ask for someone better credentialed than Anant.”


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About 6L Inc.

6L Inc. is a technology company providing technology and data solutions to the refreshment services industry, focusing on enhancing the customer experience in unattended retail and self-service environments. The company was founded in September 2021 by 25 year industry veteran Neil Swindale of VendCentral, alongside co-Founder Greg Elisara who joined following successful roles in Fintech covering product design, brand, and communications. However, Neil and Greg’s history together goes back much further – to high school in New Zealand where they were close friends and classmates who shared a love of basketball and surfing.

About ZippyAssist.

ZippyAssist is a cloud-based customer support platform specially designed for unattended retail and self-service environments, making it easier for consumers to seek support when they need it, and helping customer support teams be more efficient and effective. The result is a better experience for consumers, while for businesses ZippyAssist improves operational efficiency, supports account retention, and provides a distinctive point of difference when it comes to winning new business.

About Anant Agrawal.

Anant spent 14 years as Co-Founder and President of Cantaloupe Systems, a SaaS, IoT, and Digital Payments company focused on the unattended retail and logistics industry. He then sold it to Cantaloupe, Inc (formerly USAT) where he then served for 4 years as EVP Corp Development and CRO for the publicly traded company on Nasdaq. Cantaloupe brought real-time information, data-based decision-making, and digital payment acceptance to a guesswork and cash only based industry, transforming the $50B global unattended retail market as covered by Forbes Magazine, New York Times, and Bloomberg.

Anant is also an active member of the Young Presidents Organization, which is the largest worldwide leadership community of chief executives.