ZippyAssist™ Announces Native Integration with Cantaloupe Inc.’s Industry-Leading Seed™ Vending Management Software (“VMS”)

This native integration allows businesses using both Seed and ZippyAssist to effortlessly sync ZippyAssist with equipment data managed in Seed.

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PLEASANTON, CA. May 23, 2024 — 6L Inc., creators of ZippyAssist, a customer care platform designed for unattended retail and self-service environments, is excited to announce the successful integration of ZippyAssist with Cantaloupe Inc.(Nasdaq: CTLP), a leading provider of end-to-end technology solutions for self-service commerce. The integration with Cantaloupe’s leading Seed VMS platform solidifies the industry’s positive reception and adoption of ZippyAssist as the technology of choice for improving consumer related service and support.

This native integration allows businesses using both Seed and ZippyAssist to effortlessly sync ZippyAssist with equipment data managed in Seed. New equipment in Seed will be automatically added to ZippyAssist, and any updates or changes in Seed, such as equipment relocations, will also be reflected in ZippyAssist. ZippyAssist uses equipment data to make it easy for consumers and operators to identify specific equipment items quickly and accurately, reducing mistakes, confusion, and frustration.

Equipment syncing marks the beginning of a strategic roadmap designed to make the interaction between Cantaloupe and ZippyAssist more efficient and seamless for businesses using these joint technologies.

For Patrick Sheehan, President of Sheehan Brothers, an early adopter of ZippyAssist, the integration is a much-anticipated development, creating instant benefits that amplifies the strengths of both technologies. “Imagine two tools you already use suddenly becoming even more powerful – that’s what this new integration is all about. Immediately, we are more efficient, effective, and this has benefits throughout our organization, and for our customers,” says Sheehan.

For Neil Swindale – President of 6L Inc, the developers of ZippyAssist – the native integration with Seed demonstrates how the efficiency of operators can be further enhanced not only by adopting new powerful technologies, but choosing technologies that work together seamlessly. Neil states, “At 6L Inc., we believe that the future of operational efficiency lies in the synergy between innovative technologies. The seamless integration of ZippyAssist with Seed exemplifies our commitment to providing our customers with tools that not only enhance performance but also simplify their workflows.”

Cantaloupe's Chief Marketing Officer, Elyssa Steiner, sees the integration as a beneficial development for users of both systems. Steiner comments, "The integration of Cantaloupe and ZippyAssist brings together two complementary technologies, enhancing the functionality for our operators. This collaboration is an exciting step forward that promises to improve service delivery and operational efficiency for our operators and their consumers.”

ZippyAssist’s native integration for Cantaloupe is available today. Companies interested in ZippyAssist for their organization can contact Neil Swindale.

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About ZippyAssist.

ZippyAssist is a cloud-based customer support platform specially designed for unattended retail and self-service environments, making it easier for consumers to seek support when they need it, and helping customer support teams be more efficient and effective. The result is a better experience for consumers, while for businesses ZippyAssist improves operational efficiency, supports account retention, and provides a distinctive point of difference when it comes to winning new business.

About 6L Inc.

6L Inc. – the builders of ZippyAssist – is a technology company providing solutions to the refreshment services industry, focusing on enhancing the customer experience in unattended retail and self-service environments. The company was founded in September 2021 by 25 year industry veteran Neil Swindale of VendCentral, alongside co-Founder Greg Elisara who joined following successful roles in Fintech covering product design, brand, and communications.

About Cantaloupe Inc.

Cantaloupe, Inc. is a global technology leader powering self-service commerce. With over a million active locations, processing more than a billion transactions every year, Cantaloupe is enabling businesses of all sizes to provide self-service experiences for consumers. The company's vertically integrated solutions fuel growth by offering micro-payments processing, enterprise cloud software, IoT technology, as well as kiosk and POS innovations. Cantaloupe’s end-to-end platform increases consumer engagement and sales revenue through digital payments, consumer promotions and loyalty programs, while providing business owners increased profitability by leveraging software to drive efficiencies across an entire operation. Cantaloupe’s solutions are used by a variety of consumer services in the U.S., Europe, and Australia including vending machines, micro markets and smart retail, EV charging stations, laundromats, metered parking terminals, amusement and entertainment venues, IoT services and more. 

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Sheehan Brothers Vending is a family-owned and operated business dedicated to providing high-quality vending and catering services. Established in 1956 by Dennis and James Sheehan, the company has grown from a small operation filling gumball machines to a full-service vending provider, and leader in the industry. Headquartered in Springfield, Ohio, and serving Springfield, Columbus, Cincinnati, and surrounding Ohio areas, Sheehan Brothers Vending prides itself on personal attention, superior service, and a commitment to customer satisfaction. With a focus on quality, value, and convenience, the Sheehan family continues to uphold the integrity and foresight that have earned the trust of their customers for generations.

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