Bold Moves: Three young Operations Managers Embrace ZippyAssist

Bold Moves: Three young Operations Managers Embrace ZippyAssist

In the realm of business innovation, three dynamic operations managers stand out for their commitment to revolutionizing customer service. Jared Detwiller (One Source Refreshment), Shane Swanson (Coley Canteen), and Jacob Plassman (Maumee Valley Vending) are challenging the status quo and embracing cutting-edge ZippyAssist technology to help elevate the customer experience.

Customer Service the hard way

Today, when we talk about customer service in the Refreshment Services industry, we often envision calling an 800 number located somewhere on a sticker on the equipment, enduring voicemails, talking to a very nice person, spending a silly amount of time explaining why the machine has a problem and giving details on where they can send the $2.75 check and yes eventually getting the issues resolved. But the major issue is most customers don't call, it's just too frustrating communicating this type of small issue via phone. So they walk away and, in some cases, walk right into the facility manager’s office and complain and that can lead to much more expensive problems down the line. #pickallyourequipmentup

Bring on ZippyAssist, the new way of offering Customer Service.

While it might seem radical to envision a future without customer service phone calls, it's a logical progression. Operators should aim to create products and services so good that customers never need to make a call. But when customers do encounter an issue or want to give feedback, operators should use technologies that are seamless and easy to use.

Enter ZippyAssist. 

ZippyAssist is a cutting-edge communication platform that allows customers to initiate a conversation through a text code. That text code immediately recognizes the exact piece of equipment in the exact location and makes life easy for both the customer and the Operator.

Let’s hear from our Three Experts

Shane Swanson who manages 30 routes for Coley Canteen in Michigan shared with us how his business is using ZippyAssist. The drivers are using it to remind themselves to add new products, change things up, or to make a service call. Salespeople are using it to send pictures of products and machines.  Clients are using it to make suggestions through the platform for products, services, and more. “Using ZippyAssist has closed the loop on all communications. We can see everything on the dashboard for each client.” It’s a client CRM for the business. 

The ZippyAssist dashboard gives Operators views into data they have never seen before. They are identifying customers who continually request refunds, spotting problem trends across equipment, and seeing issues rolled up by accounts. 

Jacob Plassman of Maumee Valley, a very large Ohio-based micro market and vending company , says that ZippyAssist is Maumee Valley Group’s latest technological addition, and it’s helped streamline the internal operations of the business. “The texting feature got our initial intrigue thinking this could have a place in our business, and then we saw the extra features like giving refunds, the customer ratings, and doing product requests.” You can nail down what your customer wants to see, and then it’s all backed up with the analytics digitally. So, instead of someone jotting it down, everything is stored in that database.” This has proved especially helpful as the company continues to expand across the Midwest. 

Improving customer service can seamlessly transition into a powerful sales tool, as exceptional service fosters loyalty, trust, and positive word-of-mouth referrals, ultimately driving increased sales and revenue.

Jared Detwiller who manages the operations for the full-service cutting edge Philadelphia based refreshments company. One Source Refreshment adds that  “ZippyAssist has allowed the customer to connect directly with our team, whether it’s operations to request a new product, or customer service to report a broken machine or ask for a refund. For instance, they can send us a photo showing their credit card was charged and were able to give that refund back to them.   “It’s allowed us to get a better grasp on our business and what is working and what isn’t working, whether it’s products, certain machine types or problematic equipment that we need to address quickly.”

If you're a Refreshment Services Operator in North America, seize the opportunity to embrace the transformative potential of ZippyAssist technology, backed by 75 innovative operators for its proven capacity to elevate the customer experience. By fostering trust and reliability, you'll not only retain daily spending from satisfied customers but also impress facility managers, ensuring long-term account retention.

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