ZippyAssist is a no-brainer!

Photo of Shane Swanson - Coley Canteen Sales and Customer Service Manager.
Shane Swanson, Coley Canteen Sales and Customer Service Manager.

This is what Shane Swanson told us about ZippyAssist in a recent conversation. Shane is the Sales and Customer Service Manager for Coley Canteen. Coley Canteen, which has been in business for almost 85 years, operate out of Flint Michigan with 30 routes and over 90 micromarkets. They heard about ZippyAssist through social media posts and LinkedIn. Moving forward took less than a week from the demo to a green light. “This is a value-driven decision for the best customer care platform”. We love these well-thought-out decisions!

"It’s a communication tool that everyone uses."

Shane shared with us how everyone is using ZippyAssist throughout all of Coley. The drivers are using it to remind themselves to add new products, change things up, or the need for a service call. Salespeople are sending pictures of products and the machines. Clients are making suggestions through the platform for products, services, and more. “Using ZippyAssist has closed the loop on all communications. We can see everything on the dashboard for each client.” It’s a client CRM for the business. 

“We now have more Positive, Kinder & more Productive conversations.”

When Coley started the conversation with everyone about moving to ZippyAssist there was some apprehension about the change. How many emails will we be getting? How do we manage everything? Will we have more refunds than before? Shane is happy to say that everyone not only bought in, but they also loved it! The clients are thrilled with the level of service that is being provided. The client’s HR people only have a small percentage of conversations compared to before. Everyone can communicate through ZippyAssist. When the account managers are doing their QBRs they aren’t talking about negatives. They are talking about positive changes, new products, and how to provide additional services. They have built trust as partners. 

  • Fewer phone calls to the office staff from unhappy people. The office team is happier.
  • The drivers don’t have to be police people if someone is asking for excessive refunds.
  • Technicians fix equipment on the first visit due to pictures being sent through ZippyAssist. This contributes to less downtime and sustainability. Fewer trips contribute to a better carbon footprint.
  • HR leaders aren’t having negative conversations with employees.
“We feel like we have an employee in every breakroom.”

When Shane made this comment a lot of lightbulbs went off. ZippyAssist is an added employee for Coley at every client. The communication happens “right now”. There is instant gratification for the end user. They don’t have to go to HR and get a refund. They can suggest something they want or an item that is missing. They are a partner in the success of everyone. An example was given that it’s like having 301 points of contact at a 300-person account. Whereas before ZippyAssist there was only one. It continues to be all about communication and providing great customer care! This is the least expensive employee that provides the greatest amount of service. WOW!

“40% completion in less than 3 months and it has already paid for itself!!!

Coley took a methodical process in getting ZippyAssist implemented. They had a lot of initiatives this past year and they wanted to make sure that everyone wasn’t overtaxed. They also saw the tremendous value in what ZippyAssist offers and felt the need to do it right. Coley services over 6,000 machines and 90+ micromarkets. Every micromarket has ZippyAssist and a little over 40% of the vending machines are tagged. Every new machine leaving the warehouse is tagged and the service technicians tag equipment when they are servicing a machine. Every account is on the dashboard and ready to go. They are also tagging coffee, water, and ice machines. Every service call can come through ZippyAssist and then be emailed to the appropriate person to take care of. Customer service at its finest. Fast, easy, and the client is thrilled!

We spoke about refunds also. A concern at the start was about whether there would be a greater request for refunds. Shane said no, not at all. He told us about one of their accounts where a person was putting in a $20 request weekly with the old way of doing things. Now that this person was going through ZippyAssist they are only seeing this once per month. Refunds are down and the driver doesn’t have to have a bank at the location. 

ZippyAssist is so much more than a refund mechanism. We create an interior CRM for better communications, client satisfaction, positive conversations, and client retention. We would love to speak with you about how this works. Visit our website and fill out the form. Thank you, Shane Swanson and Coley Canteen for sharing your story with us. We love our partnership in building a better future!

If you’re an organization who can benefit from ZippyAssist, get in touch and find out how the platform can help you build a stronger customer relationship.